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At the Law Office of Jeffrey R Pollock, we take great pride in defending the legal rights of our clients and acknowledge the need for compassionate and responsive legal guidance. Based in Mount Vernon, WA, we are known for our legal innovation and outstanding service to clients throughout Washington State. Get the legal service you deserve.

Contact us for everything from workplace injuries to automobile accidents to misdemeanor criminal defense (including DUI).



(Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation Claims Only)

How the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Pollock Will Handle Your Case:

Collect Evidence – This includes accident reports, witness accounts, medical reports, and any subpoenaed documentation.

File an Insurance Claim – Attempting to negotiate a fair and reasonable compensatory settlement with all applicable insurance carriers.

File a Court Lawsuit (if necessary)  This is the official court filing of your complaint and intent to seek just compensation from the negligent parties involved in the accident.

Represent Your Best Interests – This includes seeking workers compensation in case you were on the clock at the time of the accident and also further compensation for post accident care.

Seek Compensation – We will negotiate with the negligent individual(s) and their insurance company(s) to secure proper compensation including:
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Quality of life compensation
  • Extended care compensation

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Jeff made me feel so welcome during a hard time in my life he's helped my sister and her husband and definitely has made a difference for all of our lives ! He's a family man and dedicates all of his expertise into his career and has helped me and my family overcome obstacles that we thought we wouldn't have a chance at overcoming. He and his staff have made my life a lot easier and I thank god every day for having the opportunity in meeting Jeff and his staff and be able to have there help. He's very honest and down to earth and seemed as he cared a lot for my situation and my family's situation. Thanks Jeff! We appreciate you! And thank for taking your time on my case and helping me through a stepping stone! - Madeline A.

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