Criminal Defense & Traffic Infractions


A person convicted of a criminal offense can face serious life-changing consequences even if the conviction is for the first time.

Statute Regulated Procedure

Attorney Jeffrey R. Pollock is a highly experienced attorney who has spent years in the courtroom. He has experience as a prosecutor, a public defender, and has worked in private practice. Having worked as a criminal defense lawyer (and previously as a municipal prosecutor), Jeffrey R. Pollock understands all facets of a criminal charge, or traffic infractions. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, misdemeanor criminal traffic offense, misdemeanor assault charges or something else (including a traffic infraction), you owe it to yourself to call a criminal defense lawyer who knows the law. The Law Office of Jeffrey R. Pollock offers a free consultation on every case. We also work with you on payment plans if you cannot afford to pay everything up front.

Your Best Defense Against Misdemeanor Criminal Charges And/Or Traffic Infractions

We handle all types of misdemeanor criminal charges in the Skagit County area. Need a DUI lawyer (driving under the influence)? Facing misdemeanor Assault, MIP or theft charges? Charged with a traffic violation (such as Reckless or Negligent Driving)? Do you have a probation violation? Facing a driver’s license suspension? We can even help with other types of matters related to criminal law. Need an expungement attorney so you can clean up your criminal record? We can help.

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Misdemeanor Offenses
Traffic Violations

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